Free daily routine planner to help you stay focused and get stuff done

One thing that I never do without is trackers. My planner is full of trackers of all types: “ habit trackers, routine tracker worksheets, activities tracker and daily routine planner”

Let’s talk about daily routine and how it affects our activity and productivity and moves you closer to your goals.

Believe or not, creating a daily routine really helps you makes your life easier and allows you to live more relaxed.

Routines create a framework for our days and lives. When we wake up having a system to follow it definitely save a lot of time and stress and accordingly it get excited for the day ahead which we all aim to.

I actually encourage you to start developing a routine and stick to it every day, it not only helps you to start your day with a clear mind and reduced stress but also, shape your day and increase your productivity accordingly!!

Start now and always remember it takes time to implement new habits or routines. Be patient and keep trying and day after day you will find yourself sticking to it.

Today I’m gonna share with you my new freebie which is “ daily routine schedule” that I use in my planner.

The daily routine checklist is very useful to track your daily habits whether morning or evening. It also helps you to stick to your routine especially if you are just starting to develop a new routine or habits.

This daily routine planner printable available in 3 sizes:

  • A5 size (Half A4 page size) 14.8 x 21cm or 5.8” x 8.3”
  • Half-letter (Half Letter size) 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Personal size ( 17cm x 9.5cm ) or (6.7″ x 3.74″)

You can choose any size you want to add to your planner and start using it right now!

Just download, print and that’s it. It’s totally free.

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I hope you like it


6 Replies on Free daily routine planner to help you stay focused and get stuff done

  • Thank you

    Just what I’ve been needing – getting those daily things scheduled & ticked.

    I prefer to print on pre-cut paper. How do I get rid of the cutting guides so it comes out full sized on 3.5″ x 6.5″ personal size paper?


    • You are welcome dear. I’m so happy you liked it.
      Give me your email and i will send you a copy without cutting guide.
      With my best wishes.

    • I have checked it again and it worked. Please ensure that all letters are Uppercase and no spaces.
      If didn’t work check the welcome email you get and go to the free library. you will find all the printables on it.
      Hope that help.
      contact me for any help.
      Thank you for your comment.

  • Thank you for such a stunning daily routine planner!! I’ll print it soon and hope I’ll give much use to it

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