a Beginner Guide to Choosing the Perfect Planner

Planning can be overwhelming especially for beginners considering choosing your planner, what inserts should you use and how to use your planner the perfect way.

My goal in planner 101 series is to make planning easier and helps you understand the best organizing methods to make you more productive.

In today’s blog post I want to talk more about choosing a planner. How do you choose the perfect planner you gonna use to ensure more functional planning?!.

How do I choose the right planner for me? How do I know that it gonna works for me for the upcoming 365 days? Remember our goal from having a planner is to improve our lives and motivate you to be more organized.

There are different types of planners and there is a new thing every day. You may be puzzled or confused if you are a beginner, but here are some tips you should consider when choosing your planner so you ensure that you choose the best for you:

# 1 Why do you want to get a planner? or What is the main goal of having a planner?

Do you want it for

  • Recording your tasks.
  • Schedule your day
  • Art Journaling
  • Bullet journal
  • Organize your
  • Collect all your info in one place
  • Or all of the above

You must decide your goal first and your needs from your planner.

# 2 The size you prefer for your planner.

There are planners from the A4 size to pocket size, there is a huge range for it. The size of the planner is very impressive when choosing a planner, which depends on where and how you gonna use it.?

You may want a planner to hold it in your bag everywhere so smaller one will fit you.

Or you may want something bigger to write freely in big spaces and this bigger size doesn’t bother you anymore as you won’t need to take it out the home.

So you should take into consideration the size you prefer.

# 3 Rings planner, disc bound, spiral, notebook or traveler notebook

There are a lot of options to choose from, as everyone is unique, so all companies try to meet each customers needs. Here are some types of planner you may find

  • Ring planner with all sizes possible Ex: Kiki k and Filofax
  • Disc bound which use individual discs to bind pages together Ex: Happy planner
  • Traveler notebook which consists of a piece of leather and binds all inserts with thin elastic Ex: Webster’s Pages traveler notebook
  • Coiled planner as Eren Condren planner
  • simple notebook

Personally, I prefer rings planner as it is easier to add or remove inserts or move printables from one section to another. If you are a beginner, you may try any one of them, then you will find the best choice for you by practicing.

# 4 Budget you set

With diversity in planners, also there is a difference in cost depending on the material using, sizes and many factors related to companies.
You should decide what is your budget to minimize your choices and don’t stray from your main aim.

# 5 Style you prefer

The planner is something that you will use and see consistently for the next year so you should choose one with your personality and style. Something you like and encourage you to use it.

You may like the girly planner with a lot of accessories, stickers here and there and see that it’s your best style. Or you may like the minimal one with simple functional design. It’s all about your own style and mode.

#6 The layout and design you prefer

This depends on what you need and how busy you are what tasks you make every day. There are different types of layout :

  • The daily layout which is usually a day on one page or two pages. This may be useful if you have many things to write in your day. Maybe include your daily schedule too.
  • The Weekly layout which is usually a week on one page or two pages or more. Actually, I prefer this layout so much as I can see an overview for my week and it gives me more
  • The Monthly layout “ month in one page or two”, also called monthly calendar. I see that the monthly calendar is an important element in any planner. It allows you to see a monthly overview to set your events and appointments


Actually, as time goes your needs change so your planner may change too. Don’t stress out,  you will always learn every day just keep trying and you will find your perfect way for planning.

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If you are planner beginner this is a beginner giude to choosing the perfect planner

Now if you are a planner friend from a while tell me: what is the most important tip you can give to planner beginner when choosing your planner?

Let’s chat about this


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