7 Reasons why you need to start using your planner now !!

Since I became a mom, I’m really thinking about how to create a balanced life. I’m not used to be a chaotic person or to leave anything to chances. But with having a baby, this became a challenging task ( not impossible Apparently).

I always love Notebooks, pens, to do list, organizing tables and anything related to stationary. I didn’t realize that there is a huge world full of beauty behind all of this. And this world was a lifesaver for me.

Now I came to realize it’s important not only to organize my day, priorities and get rid of any crowded ideas in my head but also became my refuge to do what I love and recharge my power to continue my day.

This was further increased when I started to work at home, at which organizing my day and setting a daily routine was essential.

So you may ask me what’s a planner?

It’s a tool helps you to organize your life and regulate your time in a simple and flexible way by writing all your life goals, dreams and daily tasks on it. It doesn’t need to be like the fancy over decorated ones that we see on Pinterest, you can use a simple notebook and pen or even a paper they all do the same thing!!

Whatever you choose any planner, what is important is that you START.

Now, I will share with you some benefits of having a planner system that will make you fall in love with this world and want to start using your planner NOW!!

7-Reasons why you need to start using your planner now !! - a blog post from doaainspiringdesigns

1. Get rid of chaos, stress and over thinking.

Let’s face it, I’m overthinking person especially when it comes to home tasks, work, and baby needs. Every single moment I repeat the tasks to ensure not forget anything which was very exhausting because it makes my brain working EVERY single second.

But now I became more comfortable since all I want to do is written and scheduled. All I need is to look at my planner in the morning and start my day freshly.

When you put all your thoughts, goals and dreams on a paper or even digital ones, it mentally relaxes your mind and clears your brain. If don’t, ideas will fly around your head having to remember everything which is very frazzled.

How long will you keep you planner unused on the drawer??!! The best time to start using it is now and that is some reasons. Enter to read them.

2. Writing your goals gives you higher chances to be achieved.

When you write down your goals you clarify what do you really want. Because you know what you are going to do, to be or what you are working for now.

It also makes it easier for your brain to remember what your goals are. This makes you take action towards your goals firmly and effectively.

3.Gather all your life info in one place

Since I was in college I used to gather all my schedule, notes, exam dates, and assignments requirements all in one place and it was super helpful.

It makes it easier to retrieve them instead of scattered around on loose post-it notes.

Also, it allows you to focus more and clarify your mind.

Photo by The Girlloop on Unsplash

4.It brings joy and happiness to your life

If you like arts, decorating and colors (like me) so that is one of the best places for you. Decorating your planner by the way you like and adding a special touch is an awesome job. It’s all about your identity and your piece of art.

I love turning my planner pages and see how I set up myself. I know every line, how I created it and why. Even the mistakes I made I love to see it remembering me that nothing is perfect in the world but whatever it is, I like it.

5. Track your habits motivate you to maintain and develop a better routine

Habit tracker is a must-have in my planner. I’m a HUGE fan of habit trackers not only because it’s a super motivated way to track my new habits but also to analyze it. Identifying the source of twist is a crucial thing and helps to avoid it in the future.

Being passionate about something and track it will motivate you to do your habits. Also, you won’t want to leave the page empty blank. Believe me, it’s a huge motivator for me to do habit even I’m lazy.
Therefore I highly recommend to include habit tracker in your planner.

Habit tracker one of must have planner inserts

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6. Increase your motivation

It’s hard to stay motivated all day especially if you have a baby or kids that take away your energy.

I found that wake-up early morning and start my day with some small tiny steps included in a very simple and smooth routine is a great motivator for me.

My day usually begins with opening my planner and writes my top 3 priorities for the day, my most important appointment or any scheduled tasks according to my monthly goals. It makes me start my day with a clear mind and flexible as I reframe my to-do list every day according to how I want my day to be.

Also, Creating a routine that simplifies your life is very helpful. Having a planner I write my small steps on it, helped me stick to this routine.
And What a wonderful feeling when I check DONE for any task I wrote!!

It gives me pleasure and satisfaction and a strong impetus to the upcoming tasks or goals.

7. The flexibility that gives you to fit your life style

We all know that life comes and go and always there is something surprised every day. And your desires are changing every day. What you love today may not what you like tomorrow. The key is to quickly adapt to the new situation and let it go on.

Having a planner that fits all your needs is a tremendous advantage.
Not only flexibility on setting goals but also getting a planner itself have many choices to choose from.
From printed wire planners, ring planners, disc bound and bullet journal… etc. All of them were designed for a special person to fit all his needs.

And now, It’s the best time to use your planner and start write your life dreams on it.

You may say:” I don’t have time to create a planner or don’t have money enough for all these staffs or decorating isn’t my passion…etc.
Believe me, the process is much more simple than you think.
Follow me in my next blog posts, I will talk more about planners and all things related to planning to help you begin your planner journey.

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Tell me What’s your big struggle with planners? and what is holding you back from starting using it?

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