7 Essential planner inserts to include in your planner

Have you bought a planner or have a planner, wanted to start planning and don’t know where to start? Or what’s the next step?

I’m here to help you 🙂

So, Maybe you just didn’t have the planner inserts you really needed? Or don’t know what is the basics to start with ??!

I’m going to help you make the most of your planner.  I’ve created a helpful list of planner inserts that you can add to your set-up.  Just mix and match the ones you think you’ll use and customize your planner, your way.

Let’s get started 🙂

These inserts are ABC to start any planner

1) Yearly calendar / Year at a Glance insert

Definitely, You will need this insert every time you open your planner. When you set your goals, set appointments, and events you will need a yearly calendar.
It’s very important to see a year at a glance giving you a quick overview and know when will be holidays? And assign my most important dates, appointments on it.

A quick tip: You can use it as a habit tracker by checking the day when you did the task.

Some people use the monthly calendar instead, but I actually use both:).  

2) Yearly goals/ Future log / New year resolution or monthly goals

I’m a big believer in goal setting. Setting yearly or monthly goals is very important and the first step to achieving your dreams.  
I found that the most effective method to set yearly goals is to break down them into quarters. By breaking down them you will ensure you keep on track and focus more on your goals.

This insert is very useful in many things, here are some ways I use:

  • In my setting goals process, i usually divide my yearly goals into 4 quarters and every quarter has a theme to work on. And this inserts will help you a lot in this.
  • Identify Birthdays, appointments and any special events comes. It is a helpful setup that lets you keep everything in one place!

3) Monthly Calendar

I always say how would planner be without a monthly calendar :D.
A monthly calendar or “ month at a glance “maps out your month, helps you in writing deadlines, next appointments, and also makes it easy to schedule new events, Track Travel plans. There are many types and layouts for a monthly calendar like:

  • Month on one page, or two pages.
  • Fold-out monthly calendar “ usually for small size planner to give you more space to write”
  • Undated planner or dated “actually, I prefer undated one because I can use it anytime and don’t limit me to use it in a certain period.
  • Desktop calendar.

4) Weekly or Daily planner

Once you have a plan for your month in place you can break down your plans into weeks!.
Weekly and daily inserts are used to organize your day or week and create schedules, daily tasks, and appointments or family events.
Personally, I prefer to use “weekly planner” more than daily. It gets me a clear picture of the week, what’s going and what’s coming. You may like to use daily inserts if you have a lot of tasks, events in the day and also schedule your day easily.
Additionally, There is Week on one page or more, Day on one page or more.
You can choose whatever you like or need. You can also know what’s best for you by trial and error.

Related printables :
Weekly planner free printable- watercolor theme
Simple weekly planner printable – Week on one page

5) Lists

It’s very important to list your ideas, tasks, thoughts and anything around your head. There are many types of lists to keep in your planner. And you will need it somehow for sure. Here are some example for lists:

  • To do list
  • To buy
  • Wishlist
  • Bucket list
  • Movies to watch, books to read,
  • Gifts to buy
  • Friends and family birthday
  • New ideas and inspiration… etc

There are many things to list and you are free to choose the best for you. My advice to you is to have a blank simple list like this lists pack and then assign it as you want. This will help you to know what is most useful for you to make the most of your planner.

Some free printable planner you can use :
To do list free printable

6) Trackers

The best method to create a daily routine or implement new habits is to track it. Trackers not just motivate you to continue in your way but also help you in analyzing your progress.
You can track your habits, Sleeping hours, implement new habits or get rid of bad habits.

Habit tracker planner prinmtable

The standard shape of trackers is multiple boxes beside each other that are checked when you did this task.

Some Free printables :
Monthly Habit tracker planner printable
Daily routine tracker

7) Notes page or/and Dotted grid page

Sometimes we only need a blank paper to write anything. You will always need this insert in one way or another Get It Out of Your Head and on Paper

Notes page planner printable

You can use notes page or dotted grid page. Personally, I prefer the dotted grid. Dotted grid papers have become popular because the dots aren’t nosy, yet they provide guidelines to keep your writing or drawings straight.

So, If you are planner beginner i recommend to start with these inserts and then find by yourself which inserts will be useful for you and which you want to add to your planner.
Planner world is huge and it was made especially to make your life easier , more productive and organized.

I hope you find this post useful for you.

Now your turn, Tell me what’s your essential planner inserts that must be in your planner??

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Essential planner inserts for your planner- must have planner inserts

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